Elecraft KX2-F Transceiver 80m - 10m 10W

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KX2 80-10m Mobile/Portable Transceiver 10W
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Elecraft's new KX2 “stealth” transceiver can go wherever your imagination takes you. Thanks to state-of-the-art construction techniques, it’s only 5.8 x 2.8 x 1.5” and weighs just 13 ounces—making it the smallest full-featured HF radio on the planet. Yet it puts out up to 10 watts, covers 9 bands, and shares many features with the KX3. It also works with the KXPA100 amplifier. 

To maximize your freedom to roam, you can outfit your KX2 with an internal 2.6 amp-hour Li-ion battery. Current drain is as little as 135 mA, yielding up to 8 hours of typical operation on a single battery charge. There’s also an internal automatic antenna tuner module (KXAT2), which can tune a random wire, dipole, or whip on multiple bands. 

A rear tilt-foot angles the KX2 for use on any surface, from desktop to park bench to rock. The KX2 also makes a great moble rig, and can even be used hand-held. It includes a built-in mic for HT-style operation. 

 The KX2’s powerful 32-bit DSP offers features dual watch, stereo audio, user-programmable filter bandwidths, noise blanking, noise reduction, and auto-notch. RTTY and PSK data modes are built in—no PC needed—as well as a memory keyer and digital voice recorder for transmit.

 Internal accessories include : (click on the link to visit the page) Internal 20W tuner KXAT2, real time clock KXIO2, mini precision iambic keyer paddle KXPD2, lithium ion battery KXBT2, external fast charger KXBC2.

There are two optional padded carrying cases for the KX2, including the CS40 and larger CS60. Both include belt straps and an interior compartment.


Standard Features

  • 80-10 meter ham bands; general coverage receive from 3-32.0MHz (also covers 0.5 to 3 MHz with reduced sensitivity)

  • All modes: SSB, CW, and Data (four sub-modes)

  • Ultra-compact size: 2.8”H x 5.8”W x 1.5”D; 13 oz (less options); low-profile knobs and feet for minimum height

  • Rear tilt foot provides 3-point mount for rugged terrain

  • Custom high-contrast LCD with alphanumeric text display

  • Current drain as low as 135 mA in receive mode

  • High-performance 32-bit floating-point DSP

  • Built-in PSK/TTY decode/encode allows data mode operation without a PC; transmit in data modes using CW keyer paddle

  • Synthesizer has 1-Hz tuning resolution

  • Integrated numeric keypad for direct frequency entry



  • Software-defined-radio (SDR) architecture for versatility

  • Switchable preamp and attenuator

  • 8-band RX EQ

  • Simultaneous dual receive over up to +/- 23 kHz for split-DX operation

  • Built-in speaker; stereo jack for headphones or powered speakers

  • Easy-to-use Passband Tuning (PBT) for shift/width/hicut/locut; roofing filters automatically track DSP filter settings

  • Auto-notch removes interfering carriers; adjustable noise reduction and noise blanking; stereo audio effect

  • Center-tuning indicator for CW and data modes; auto-spot



  • Up to 10 W on 80-15 m, 8 W on 12 and 10 m (typ.)

  • 100 W with KXPA100 amplifier

  • Rugged, SWR- and temperature-protected final amplifier stage

  • Use with built-in mic or MH3 (with UP/DN VFO functions)

  • Optional KXPD2 keyer paddle with adjustable contact spacing; easily removable for transport; built-in allen wrench storage

  • CW keyer with 8-50 WPM range; fast, full-break-in keying

  • Built-in digital voice recorder (DVR) with 2 message memories

  • Three CW/DATA message memories

  • Fast, silent, PIN-diode T-R switching – no noisy relays

  • DSP speech processing for excellent “punch”

  • 8-band TX EQ tailors passband to your voice and microphone


Other Features

  • Computer control via supplied USB or RS232 cable

  • Free firmware updates via provided application software

  • Programmable switch (PFn) for access to an often-used menu entry

  • General-purpose and per-band memories store VFOs, modes, etc

  • Full remote-control command set works with popular computer software applications

  • Selectable switch-press tones or full Morse code-based interface

  • Tutorial-style manual ideal for new hams


KX2 Brochure

Additional Information

manufacturer Elecraft
Bands Covered HF Bands
Maximum Output power QRP (Up to 10W)

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Elecraft KX2 Transceiver Review by Carl 2E0HPI
Recently purchased the new KX2 portable pocket sized transceiver & staff where very helpful and kept me up to date with my order .
I soon received the KX2 and by was I happy and it has been on a few Sota Summits with excellent reports .

Recommended and will deal with W&S again . (Posted on 25/06/2016)

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