Ramsey UAM-2 20W Audio Amplifier Kit

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20W Audio Amplifier Module Kit - No Heat/Heatsink Concerns
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The UAM2 is probably the neatest audio kit to come along in quite a while! It uses the latest amplifier technology to bring you clear, crisp, high-power audio without any of the heat which is normally generated! This is what is called a class "D" amplifier, or as the media calls it, a "Digital" amplifier. Instead of operating like a classic class "A" or class "AB" amplifier which leaves transistors biased on all the time losing energy whether they are producing audio or not; the class "D" amplifier only produces power into the load or your speaker! 

This means that a small SMT part can deliver a full 20 watts of power without getting so much as warm! YES, I said SMT or Surface Mount! Now you can install this amplifier right inside your speaker enclosures, or wherever this nifty kit will fit, without worrying about a heatsink! Just look at the specs! Unique board can be “snapped” out into a small circle to be double face tape mounted directly to the back of a speaker! This IS a Surface Mount (SMT) kit, so you will need fine tweezers, magnifier, and a decent fine tip soldering iron! (Who ever thought of 20 watts in a single SMT device; I still remember fighting with vacuum tubes to get 20 watts!)

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