Kenwood TS-590 SGE-70

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Anniversary edition of TS-590SGE

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Anniversary edition of TS-590SG 

JVC Kenwood Co., Ltd. have release 70 special limited HF / 50 MHz transceiver TS-590SG 70. 

The limited edition model has a luxurious elegant crystal black finish, and it is envisaged that 70 limited serial numbers will be released, as well as giving Kenwood's 70th anniversary commemorative call sign plate as purchaser benefit.

Provisional Specification

Enhanced RX performance accomplished superb 3rd Order Dynamic Range @ practical 2 kHz separation.
CW Decoder
CW signal is decoded and scrolls in the 13-segment section of the LCD (similar to K3). (Decode performance may be affected by noisy/weak signals)
MULTI/CH encoder is changed. Now with push-switch function.
This switch works as Programmable Function C You can assign a PF function to it such as Key speed, Power, MIC etc. *Click numbers 24 to 20
ANT OUT It's possible to use DRV OUT terminal as ANT OUT.This terminal provides divided antenna output via internal power splitter. So easy to connect external RX such as a Pan-adapter.
*Exclusive with DRV OUT.
*3dB loss in divider.
Split Frequency Setting - Find DX with split operation. Push and hold SPLIT key.
Push "2" key for example.Then you can work 2kHz up in Split Operation.
TX Power Spike - TX power spike comparable to TS-990.
2 kHz Dynamic Range Revised circuitry around 1st Mixer improves C/N characteristic of 1st Local OSC

Exterior enhancements

Increased LCD backlight colour selections from two to tri-colour (AMBER | GREEN | YELLOW) in 10 steps.

The styling of the spin textured Main Dial, colours of printed letters and chrome plating on garnish knobs now match the flagship TS-990S.

Kenwood TS-590SG 70 HF + 6m transceiver
Up to 100watts power output
Power supply requirements 13.8v (not supplied)
Latest Firmware Installed
Dual roofing filters - 500Hz & 2.7kHz
Down-conversion architecture (1.8/3.5/7/14/21MHz bands in SSB/CW/FSK mode)
32-Bit Floating-point IF DSP
RX & TX DSP Equalisers
110 Memories, with Name Function
PC-Based Control
Built-in Antenna Tuner
CW Keyer with Iambic Modes A/B
USB & Serial Com ports
Low-level drive output including 135 kHz band
Direct-access band keys
Sky Command II

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manufacturer Kenwood

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