Elecraft KPA1500 - 1.5Kw HF+6m Amp

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1.5kW Superior Solid State Amplifier with full QSK break in

Requires KPAK3AUX cable for K3S

The KPA1500 solid-state amplifier won’t take over your entire desktop: it’s just 4.5 x 13.5 x 11.5” (HWD; 11.5 x 34 x 29 cm) whilst the lightweight companion power supply can be placed on the floor or in any other convenient location.

The KPA1500's no-nonsense front panel shows all important parameters at a glance, with a high-contrast 32-character LCD and fast, bright LED bar graphs.

Band switching is instantaneous, via control inputs or RF sensing. Protection and monitoring circuitry is extensive and foolproof, letting you focus on the job at hand — breaking pileups and overcoming the most difficult operating conditions.

And it wouldn’t be an Elecraft amp without robust PIN-diode T/R switching. Like the KPA500, the KPA1500 offers fast QSK without a noisy relay.

The amplifier’s rugged internal ATU can handle full power with load SWR up to 3:1, while a wider matching range is allowed at lower power, including up to 10:1 in standby mode. When it’s time to make waves, you can rely on the compact, quiet, highly integrated Elecraft KPA1500.


  • Frequency Range All Amateur bands from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz and 50 to 54 MHz

  • Supply Voltage and Current 195 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz up to 20A

  • RF Deck Weight 22 lbs. (10 kg)

  • RF Deck Size Enclosure only, 4.5 x 13.5 x 11.5 in., HWD (11.5 x 34 x 29 cm)
    Power Supply Weight 17 lbs. (7.5 kg)

  • Power Supply Size Same as RF Deck: Enclosure only, 4.5 x 13.5 x 11.5 in., HWD (11.5 x 34 x 29 cm) excluding feet and protrusions

  • Power Output 1500 W PEP CW/SSB/Data
  • Duty Cycle at 1500 Watts 100% ICAS for 100% duty cycle modulation modes (FM, RTTY, FT8, JT65, etc.) 1.8-30 MHz: Maximum 5 minutes key down / Minimum 5 minutes receive (after 5 minute TX) 50 MHz: Maximum 50 seconds key down / Minimum 50 seconds receive

  • Drive Power 50-60 W, typical, for 1500 W output

  • Input VSWR Less than 1.5:1

  • ALC Out Negative-going, adjustable

  • Metering Power output, SWR (bargraph and on the LCD display), supply voltage and current, temperature, frequency band

  • Heat Sink Temperature 230° F (110°C), maximum

  • Key In (Transmit Enable) +5V maximum, open circuit on receive, closed to ground on transmit (5 mA max.)

  • Efficiency Approximately 50%
  • Supplied with E100416 Phono to Phono lead to fit most models of transceiver for keying.

Standard Mode – Keying.   Phono Keying Cable included with Amp. 

Amp/ATU selects band and freq. by using its internal frequency counter to measure TX freq. in this mode. Works with all radios with a keying output phono jack.

Other leads availalble upon request, as below:-


KPAK3AUX   K3, KES   Enhanced Mode - Full compatibility.  Incl. Aux Cable set



CBL-YAESUKEY FT-817, FT818 Standard Mode – Keying. Incl. 8-pin MiniDIN to phono

CBL-YAE-BANDKEY FT990, FT1000 family, FT2000, FT5000, FT9000 family Intermediate Mode - Radios w/BCD band data lines only. Incl. 8-pin DIN to DE15
CBL-YAE-BKMINI FT857, FT891, FT897, FT991 Intermediate Mode-Radios w/BCD band data lines only. Incl. 8-pin MiniDIN to DE15
CBL-YAE-BKDIN10 FT450, FT1200 Intermediate Mode. 10-Pin MiniDIN to DE15
CBL-YAE-BKDA15 FT3000 Intermediate Mode. DA15 to DE15


CBL1500IC Icom "large" radios: IC7300,7600,7610, 7700,7851,9100 Enhanced Mode. 3.5mm CI-V cable for freq. data, (Phono Cable for keying, incl. w/Amp)
CBL1500IC-M Icom "small" radios: IC703,706, 718, IC7000, 7100 Enhanced Mode. Incl. CBL-ICOMKEY, and 3.5mm CI-V cable for freq. data.


BL-KENKEY TS-140, 430, 440, 450, 570, 820, 830, 850, 930, 940, 950, 2000 Standard Mode -Keying. Incl. 7-pin DIN to phono
CBL-KENSER1500 - Kenwood 580, 590, 890, 990 Enhanced Mode - Keying & Freq. Data. Incl. DE9 to 3.5mm 7-Pin DIN and CBL-KENKEY
CBL-KENKEY TS-140, 430, 440, 450, 570, 820, 830, 850, 930, 940, 950, 2000 Standard Mode -Keying. Incl. 7-pin DIN to phono


CBL-FLEXKEY 6000-family Enhanced Mode. KXUSB cable for freq. data, (Phono Cable incl. w/Amp)



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