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Portable Operation 7MHz - 30MHz, Power Rating 20W

From the UK's Original Importer

ALEX LOOP Premier  7MHz - 3-MHz - No Gaps!  20W Power Handling.

Quick and Positive One-Hand Tuning.

Very Efficient and Very Quiet.


AlexLoop Portable HF Loop Antenna was invented, patented and introduced to the ham market by Alex Grimberg, PY1AHD, in 2007. Alex has been an active ham for over 50 years and especially enjoys portable outdoor operation on HF bands. The AlexLoop is an embodiment of Alex’s many experimentations and experiences over the years and he has constantly added improvements on it.

Each AlexLoop is completely hand-crafted by Alex himself from the first screw to the final test. In 12 years on the market, the AlexLoop has become the most popular portable magnetic loop antenna in the world and has been considered the gold standard of magnetic loop antennas.

The portable HF operating revolution brought about by the AlexLoop has spawned many imitators but none has reproduced the efficiency, portability and usability of the AlexLoop.


                          Here are some AlexLoop unbeatable features:


  • By far the lightest portable Magnetic Loop on the market: only 2.1 lbs (less than 1 kilogram).


  • One-hand operation. The light weight and thumb tuning allows HF pedestrian walk-and-talk operation. No other loops antennas on the market can do that.


  • The AlexLoop’s light weight allows it to be mounted on a small tripod, or to be attached to a 

balcony rail with an inexpensive plastic clamp.


  • The most efficient portable magnetic loop on the market due to the four gold plated mono block PL259 connectors that reduce the connection ohmic loss to the transmitting coaxial cable loop.


  • The exciter loop is directly soldered to the BNC connector to avoid the insertion loss of a mechanical contact.


  • By far the quickest to set up. AlexLoop can be assembled in only 90 seconds in the field.


  • The fastest tuning due to a special reduction gear on the AlexLoop variable capacitor. It can scan from 7 to 30 MHz in only 4 seconds.


  • The AlexLoop comes with a specially designed carrying bag that allows a quick assembly and disassembly of the antenna.

AlexLoop Antennas were designed for low weight, portability, versatility and as the ideal for the, HF Packer, for the antenna restricted ham, RV/camping, hotels, apartments, condominiums and for shortwave listening.

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