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HF portable antenna Buddipole Deluxe Kit.

The buddiepole is a shortened dipole; shortened by the means of high 'Q' loading coils. These are beautifully made and account for the very high efficiency of the system. They are positioned roughly half-way along each element, a compromise between efficiency and impedance matching. A purpose designed balun is used to feed the system via the supplied 8m of 50 Ohm coax cable, and the whole assembly plugs into the centre feed T-piece. This is a quick and positive arrangement. The T-piece acts as the centre-feed point and via the 1/2in thread in its base, a means of attaching it to the telescopic mast.

Each of the two dipole legs comprises three distinct parts. The inner section is an alloy element measuring 55cm, then a coil 12cm long (42mm diam) and a telescopic whip 33cm collapsed and 165cm extended. This gives a total dipole length of about 4.64 metres when fully extended for 40m operation. The whole kit packs down into a protective carry bag.


  • Frequency 40 to 2m
  • Power rating 250W (PEP)
  • Buddipole Deluxe Kit supplied complete with W3-BM, W3-BST, W3-BPT, W3-STW, W3-RAK, Coils, Coax 6m (20ft) with PL-259 adaptor, Dipole centre, Telescopic aerials, Coil clips and W3-DKB carry bag. 


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Manufacturer Buddipole
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