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Self supporting vertical HF antenna for HF 43' long 60m/40m/30m/20m/17m
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Innovantenna's 43' Vertigo is a heavy duty, self supporting vertical HF antenna for 5 HF Bands 60m/40m/30m/20m/17m.

There are many multi-band vertical options out there. Most are shortened and make use of traps and coils in order to produce an SWR close to being acceptable to a modern transceiver. However, this does not make then effective or efficient radiators. The VertiGo 33V is optimised in length and mechanical design too in order to ensure you do not need to guy this antenna, it stands up by itself! Least visual impact means a happy partner and neighbours!

The InnovAntennas VertiGo 43V uses its whole length as a radiator on every band. While it operates only as a 2-band antenna if direct fed (21MHz and 7MHz) An auto ATU placed at the base of the antenna (the only place an ATU should ever be) ensures that the antenna remains the only antenna in your system and not the coax too (as it would be if you use a radio-end ATU). Worst case scenario means you can use your rig ATU but for best results, the remote tuner is a must!


Benefits of a 43 foot radiator on 60m through 17m

The vertiGo 43V is the best way to maximise your lower HF band DX experience in a small garden. While ground plane wires are best installed, the visual impact of this antenna (not having any guy ropes) is much less that say a horizontal wire which would need to be elevated above ground and have at least 2 supports. With the VertiGo 43V, you can mount at ground level without the detrimental impact of buildings and trees that you might expect on upper HF and VHF. Additionally, angle of radiation remains low (this means you hear and work DX!!) where as with a horizontal wire you would need to have substiantial height above ground to achieve the same. For example, if you were on 40m, your horizontal wire dipole would need to be over 60' (19m) above ground (this height varies with frequency)!!

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