MFJ-1662 Screwdriver Mobile Antenna - manual adjust

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Screwdriver Mobile Antenna 10-40m (manual Adjust )

MFJ-1662 Screwdriver Mobile Antenna - manual adjust is available to buy in increments of 1

Portable Manual Screwdriver Antenna - supplied with two whips.

Covers 40-6 Meters with both shorter 1.37m whip, or 3m longer whip supplied.

Base Size: 381mm by 51mm.

Weighs approx 0.6Kg .

The MFJ-1662 manually tuned screwdriver antenna was designed for continuous operation from
10-40 meters using a supplied whip 3m in length. The supplied 1.37m whip can be used for
mobile or limited space operation also from 40-6 meters.


The antenna is tuned by loosening a thumbscrew and moving the aluminum cover up or down the
loading coil. The loading coil is made of tin plated copper wire wound onto a PVC pipe core.
Copper Beryllium finger-stock is used to make the connection between the aluminum cover and
the loading coil.

Portable Operation And Mounting
The MFJ-1662 becomes a very efficient portable antenna when used in combination with a tripod
and a ground radial system. The antenna can be easily mounted onto a tripod such as the MFJ1918 or similar mount for portable operations. The MFJ-342 3/8 pipe mount easily attaches the
antenna to a tripod. The antenna must be properly connected to a ground radial system.

 Continuously adjustable loading coil is 15 inches long by 2 inches in diameter and weighs 1.3 lbs.

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Manufacturer MFJ
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