SteppIR Urban Beam

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Compact Short Boom 40-6m 2kW.

This unique design offers 8-Band coverage with a total element length of  30.5ft. But a tiny boom length of just 4ft. The Urban Beam uses SteppIR familiar technology of running the adjustable element inside a fibre glass tube. On 40m and 30 the element becomes folded back on itself and acts as a dipole. On 20m upwards, 2 elements are brought into us to act as a 2 element Yagi. Close spaced at the centre and expanding the spacing outwards is the secret of this low profile compact design. 

This version is supplied with the SDA100 controller, for an upgrade we also carry the version with the new SDA2000 optimiser (ask for details). 


  • Weight 20.5kg
  • Turning Radius 15.5ft
  • Boom 4ft
  • Lingest Element 30.5ft
  • Power 3kW
  • Wind Rating 100mph
  • Bands 40m - 6m
  • Cable needed 12 core 22g shielded



40m -0.4dB gain 9.5dB F/S


30m -0.3dB ain 9.63 F/S*

20m 4.3dB gain 12dB F/B

17m 4.4dB gain 12.6dB F/B

15m 4.4dB gain 14dB F/B

12m 4.5dB gain 15.7dB F/B

10m 4dB gain 14.8dB F/B

6m 3.8dB gain 4dB F/B


* Front to Side

All figures ref. a typical dipole (NOT free space).



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Manufacturer MetroVna
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