Hustler 6-BTV - 6 Band HF Vertical

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 6-band HF Vertical Antenna 80,40,30,20,15,10m

Here at Waters & Stanton we are pleased to be the UK appointed distributors for Hustler antennas and the 6-BTV is one of our best selling verticals.

•  6 Bands: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 80m

•  VSWR 1.6:1 or better 10-40m

•  Bandwidth up to 100kHz 80m

•  Power: 1kW

•  Feed: 50 Ohms

•  Solid 25.4mm traps

•  Feed with any length 50 Ohm coax

•  Heavy duty aluminium mounting bracket

•  Solid 25.4mm (1in) fibreglass trap formers

•  Use as ground mount with or without radials

•  Use with radials on elevated mount

•  Size: 7.3m (24ft)

•  Weight: 7.5kg

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A quality 6-band antenna from Hustler. Will easily handle full legal limit of power on SSB and CW. Built to last, uses thick walled heavy duty aluminium throughout its length and has an extra heavy duty aluminium bracket for mounting.

Its uniquely designed traps offer the lowest loss possible and can be further fined tuned for best SWR if required. With a vertical height of only 7.3m it can be safely mounted where other verticals cannot. Radials are optional if antenna mounted at ground level, but are required if an elevated mount is used. Performance is as solid as its construction. 

Installation Details

All quarter wave vertical antennas need an earth system to work against. Imagine it as being the other half of a dipole. The popular way to mount a vertical antenna is at ground level. This is because a vertical antenna is often the best choice for a small garden. It is a popular myth that radials have to be a quarter wave long. In fact they can be any length. The more wire that you lay down the better. Again, the common method of installing radials is to slit a hole in the ground and bury them. The wire can be insulated or bare. If you really do have problems in even installing radials, then a couple of earth rods will work, albeit at reduced efficiency. And another tip os to make up a coax choke at the point at which the coax connects to the antenna. This can be easily done by winding around 10 - 15 turns of coax on a 4" former, fastening with plastic wraps or tape and then removing the former so that the coil is air wound.

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Manufacturer Hustler
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