Innovantennas 2m/144MHz 5 Element Yagi (Illustration shows 4 element model)

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Gain: 11.16dBi @ 145MHz F/B: 19.59dB @ 145MHz Peak Gain: 11.18dBi Gain 10m above ground: 16.93dBi Peak F/B: 20.32dB Power Rating: 5kw SWR: Below 1.4.1 from 144MHz to 146MHz Boom Length: 1.789m

Gain: 11.16dBi @ 145MHz

F/B: 19.59dB @ 145MHz

Peak Gain: 11.18dBi

Gain 10m above ground: 16.93dBi

Peak F/B: 20.32dB

Power Rating: 5kw

SWR: Below 1.4.1 from 144MHz to 146MHz

Boom Length: 1.789m

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Manufacturer InnovAntennas
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