Diamond V-2000

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6m/2m/70cm Base Vertical

The Diamond V-2000 triband base antenna covers 6m/2m/70cm utilising a linear phase shift design to couple the different frequency band selections together.

This omnidirectional antenna features a watertight joint assembly which connects the two antenna sections into one rigid assembly that has the same strength as a one piece antenna.

This is the ideal antenna for FM operations on 6 meter, 2 meter, and 70cm bands.

Similar in construction to the X200 dualband, the V2000 has an additional counterpoise radial adjustable for 6m (50-54 MHz only).

With 6m activity, enjoy the freedom of 3 bands in one compact antenna.

Length 2.5m,

Radial length 92cm,

Mast size 30-62mm,

Wind velocity 50m/sec ,

Weight 1.2kg.

This model is made of fibre glass construction, pre-tuned and fully weatherproofed.

Mast mounting brackets are included. Diamond® MX2000 triplexer is required for multiband operation

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Manufacturer Diamond
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