DUAL PA1296-70-6AUT

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23cms 70-ele 6m boom Teflon balun



 The largest ever made commercial 1296 MHz - 23cm Yagi EME antenna 70 elements 

Biggest ever made 1296 MHz Yagi antenna. 6m long. Gain 23.2dBi. Wideband operation 1280 - 1320 MHz. Balun made of UT-141 Semi-Rigid teflon coaxial cable. Low SWR. Excellent G/T, excellent F/B. Excellent mechanical properties. High efficiency antenna. Antenna wind survival speed 150 km/h.

 Highest performance, nice looking, biggest ever made 1296 MHz antenna. 6m long.
70elements provide maximum gain ever made on 23cm band. 

Antenna free space gain 23.2 dBi.

Electrical Specifications      

  • Frequency Range:     1280 - 1320 MHz
  • Free Space Forward Gain:     23.2 dBi
  • Front to Back Ratio:     40 dB
  • 3 dB Horizontal Beamwidth:     13°
  • Polarization:     Horizontal
  • Nominal Input Impedance:     50 Ohm
  • Maximum SWR at any freq.:     1 : 1.4
  • Maximum Power Input:     400 W
  • Connector:     "N"

Mechanical Specifications      

  • Boom length:     6 m
  • Boom Diameter:     30 x 20 mm
  • Longest element:     112 mm
  • No. of elements:     70
  • Turning radius:     3.3 m
  • Mounting Mast Diameter:     43 - 54 mm
  • Survival Wind Speed:       150 km/h
  • Weight:     5 kg


With good amplifier and preamplifier you can work EME with this single Yagi antenna.

Low noise design. Highest G/T. Maximum power input that provides UT-141 semirigid cable. The best antenna for EME expeditions and stationary work.

Aim antenna to the Moon and use WSJT to find friends around the World.

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