bhi DSP Products

  1. BHI Para Pro EQ-20 DSP

    Excl. Tax: £216.62 Incl. Tax: £259.95

    Audio Power amplifier with DSP and equalisation

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  2. bhi Dual-InLine - Noise Eliminating in-line product

    Excl. Tax: £166.62 Incl. Tax: £199.95

    7 watt stereo/dual channel DSP noise eliminating Inline module.

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  3. BHI AT-DSPKR DSP Speaker

    Excl. Tax: £116.62 Incl. Tax: £139.95

    10 watt DSP noise cancelling speaker

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    Excl. Tax: £149.96 Incl. Tax: £179.95

    10 watt DSP noise cancelling base station speaker 

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  5. bhi NES10-2MK3 Noise Eliminator

    Excl. Tax: £83.29 Incl. Tax: £99.95
    The NES10-2MK3 Noise Eliminating Speaker removes unwanted background noise, hiss, hash, QRM, QRN, computer hash, plasma TV interference, white noise etc from speech. Learn More
  6. bhi Compact In-line - Noise cancelling Product

    Excl. Tax: £149.96 Incl. Tax: £179.95
    The New Compact In-Line module measures just 125 x 70 x 37 mm, and is the latest addition to bhi's range of DSP noise cancelling products. Learn More
  7. bhi ANEM-MKII 'noise away'

    Regular Price: £129.95

    special-price Excl. Tax: £104.96 Incl. Tax: £125.95

    ANEM bhi Amplified Module

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  8. bhi CAT-MATE for Yaesu radios

    Excl. Tax: £49.96 Incl. Tax: £59.95

    Electronic “Y” Splitter For Yaesu FT-817, FT-857 & FT-897.

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  9. bhi NEIM-1031MKII - Noise eliminating in-line Module

    Excl. Tax: £124.96 Incl. Tax: £149.95
    The bhi NEIM1031 MKII DSP Noise Eliminating In-line Module is a stylish, versatile desktop noise cancellation unit for improving speech quality in all types of voice and radio communications. Learn More

  10. bhi NEDSP-1061-KBD

    Excl. Tax: £91.62 Incl. Tax: £109.95

    Pre-wired audio DSP noise cancelling module

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  11. bhi RADIOMATE

    Excl. Tax: £74.96 Incl. Tax: £89.95

    bhi Radio Mate compact keypad for the Yaesu

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  12. NEDSP-1062-KBD Noise Eliminating DSP Module

    Excl. Tax: £99.96 Incl. Tax: £119.95
    Noise Eliminating DSP Module for almost any speaker Learn More


    Excl. Tax: £82.50 Incl. Tax: £99.00
    Audio speaker DSP noise eliminating 10W RMS New but EX DEMO Learn More