Diamond MAT-50 Couterpoise Magnet Mat

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Couterpoise Magnet Mat for HF Mobile Antennas

The Diamond MAT-50 Couterpoise Magnet Mat, Magnet mat as couterpoise for HF mobile antennas

Every shortwave mobile antenn requires a good and reliable counterpoise. But with some installations that's hard to achieve, for example when using a clamp on the roof railing or when using a small magnet base.
This problem can be solved with the new magnet mat from Diamond. Just put the mat on a flat surface on the car and connect the included wire to the antenna base. Due to the large capacity between mat and chassis metal the HF resistance is greatly reduced. When operating on 3.5MHz two of these mats are recommended. When operating on 50MHz the connecting cable should be as short as possible(less than 20cm is preferable).


Specifications and features:


  • Frequency range: 7 to 50MHz (3.5MHz with two mats)
  • Max. Power: 500W (SSB), 200W (FM,CW)
  • Adhesive force: ok up to 110km/h (without wind)
  • Size of mat: 80 x 195mm
  • Length connecting cable: 30cm
  • Weight: 55g
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Manufacturer Diamond
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