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Expected Late 2019

Customers wanting to be kept up to date on the price and availability should register their interest with sales@wsplc.com or phone 01702 206835.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new HF transceiver into the K-Line. This new transceiver will become available towards the end of 2019. We will update the delivery date as soon as we have more information.


Customers wanting to be keep up to date on the price and availability should register their interest with sales@wsplc.com or phone 01702 206835.


Details know so far are as follows:

Elecraft have announced the release of their new K4 transceiver. A 100W SDR design covering 160m to 6m with 7” colour touch screen. A wide range auto ATU is now included as standard, as is the panoramic display. Receive coverage is 100kHz - 54MHz with dual receive on the same band or cross band and a separate receiving antenna input is also provided. The overall measurements are  11.5H x 34Wx255D (cm) and weight is 4.5kg. The transceiver will be available ready built and tested or as a solder less kit. 


In addition to the standard K4, there will be a K4D which is a K4 with an additional  independent receiver for true diversity reception. The K4HD is a K4D with an additional superset receiver module to give the ultimate in dynamic range performance for contesting and DXpeditions. 

VHF and UHF 15W modules are planed to further extend the frequency range.



       Direct sampling allows for advanced filtering, NR, NB, noise nulling, etc.;

       Optional HDR module provides the ultimate in dynamic range 


       Main/sub receivers can be on same or different bands; single or dual panadapters


       Add HDR module, future 15 watt VHF/UHF module, etc., as needed


      Encoders for VFO A, VFO B, RIT/XIT offset; many user-programmable controls


      High resolution mini-pan,per-receiver, for accurate tuning & search


      Silent PIN-diode T/R; fast QSK; many features for CW ops


      HDMI, Ethernet, analog/digital audio; ATU with 3 ant. jacks; up to 5 RX ant. sources


      Powerful, fast-booting CPU accommodates future in-box software applications


      Light weight, low current drain – compatible with field operation

A direct-sampling SDR you’ll love to use

Our new K4 harnesses the latest in signal processing while retaining the best aspects of the K3S and P3. The resulting user interface makes the technology transparent, allowing you to focus on working the world.

160-6 meter, all-mode coverage & dual RX

The K4 includes dual receive over 100 kHz to 54 MHz. Since it utilizes direct sampling, there’s no need for crystal filters in the K4 or K4D (see Models, back page). For extreme-signal environments, we offer a dual superhet module (standard in the K4HD).  An internal VHF/UHF module is also planned.

High-resolution mini-pan for each receiver

Our advanced fine-tuning aid, with its resampled bandwidth as narrow as +/- 1 kHz, is displayed separately from the main panadapter.  You can turn it on by tapping either receiver’s S-meter or by tapping on a signal of interest.

Simple operation and setup

The K4 features a large, full-color touch display, combined with a rich set of real controls. Per-VFO transmit metering makes split mode completely foolproof. Band-stacking switches and per-receiver controls are both intuitive and versatile, adapting to operating context.  Usage information on these and other features is just one tap away, thanks to our built-in help system. 

Rich I/O complement

The rear panel includes all the RF, analog and digital I/O you’ll need to complete your station.  All K-line accessories are supported, including amps,  ATUs, and our K-Pod station controller. The HDMI video output supports an external display with its own user-specified format.

Full remote control from multiple devices

The K4 can be 100% remote controlled, via Ethernet, from a second K4 as well as a PC, notebook, or tablet. Panadapter data is included in all remote displays. 

Modular hybrid architecture

The K4 adapts to your needs, with three models to choose from: basic K4 with wide-range dual receive; K4D, with diversity receive; and K4HD, with a dual superhet module for exceptional dynamic range. You can upgrade or add options as desired, or as new technology becomes available.  This extensibility applies to software as well. The K4's powerful, fast-starting CPU provides unlimited expansion opportunities.

Fast signal processing

The RF signal chain in the K4 incorporates parallel hardware processing of data streams, including a dedicated DSP subsystem. This, combined with silent, PIN-diode T/R switching, ensures fast CW break-in. Data and speech-processing delays are also minimized.

Standard DSP features include easy-to-adjust, per-mode RX/TX EQ; clean, punchy RF speech processing; full DVR capabilities; and several built-in data decode/encode modes. Direct-sampling technology results in an ultra-flat passband response for clean RX and TX audio. Since the signal chain is software-defined, the DSP can be field upgraded to add new algorithms and operating modes. 


The KAT4 ATU has a nominally 10:1 matching range. It includes 3 antenna jacks, any one of which can be selected as an input for one or both receivers. 

Internal VHF/UHF module  (future option)

An expansion slot is reserved for a high-performance VHF/UHF module, with output of approximately 15 W. 

Kit version

A no-soldering kit version of the K4 is planned for later release. Builders will learn about advanced radio technology as they proceed. All modules are pre-aligned and tested. 

Models  (K4 & K4D upgradeable by the user at any time)

K4:   Basic K4 transceiver provides 160-6 m, all-mode coverage; 100 W output; five receive RF sources; and wideband dual watch, allowing the main and sub receivers to be set for the same or different bands. 


K4D:   Adds KDIV4 option, with a second set of band-pass filters and additional direct-sampling ADC module. This allows the two receivers to use different antennas – a requirement for divesity receive. Having two sets of band-pass filters also optimizes signal handling when the receivers are on different bands and/or antennas. 


K4HD:  Includes all of the above, plus our dual superhet module, the KHDR4. Ideal for competitive field day, contesting, and DXpedition stations. Each superhet receive section includes two crystal filters: one SSB/data bandwidth, one CW bandwidth.  The superhet’s 8 MHz IF has excellent dynamic range, so additional crystal filters are not required.



KPA1500 Amplifier:160-6 m full-legal-limit amp with silent PIN-diode QSK and built-in wide-range ATU. Matches K4 size and styling.

SP4 Speaker:  Hi-fidelity external speaker with A/B source selection. One or two SP4s can be directly driven by the K4 or other transceivers.

K-Pod Controller:  Includes a precision, 400-step optical encoder for use as  VFO A, VFO B, or RIT/XIT offset, plus 8 dual-function programmable switches.  Can be directly connected to any K4 USB-A jack.

MH4 microphone Hi-fidelity hand mic with PTT and VFO up/down controls.


Key Specs / Features


Size:  4.5”H x 13.5”W, 10” D

Weight:  Approx. 10 lbs

Supply Voltage:  12-15 VDC

Current:  ~2 A RX, ~18-23 A TX

Freq. Range:  100 kHz - 54 MHz (VHF/UHF range to be determined*)

Stability:  +/- 0.25 ppm (TCXO)

Modes:CW, SSB, AM, FM, Data

LCD:  7” color; touch & mouse control

Text modes:CW, PSK31/63, RTTY

KAT4 ATU:  10:1+ range; 3 ant. jacks

RX ant. sources:  Up to 5

A-to-D Converter(s): 16 bits

I/O:  USB-A x3, USB-B (two virtual com ports + audio), RS232 (DE9), Ethernet, HDMI. front/rear mic, front/rear phones, LINE in/out, speakers, PTT in, KEY out, paddle, key,  ACC,12 V out.

CW QSK:  silent, PIN-diode switched

Other:RX/TX EQ, real-time clock,100% remote control including panadapter data, remote antenna switch control*, custom in-box software apps*

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