MFJ-407E - CW Keyer

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A microprocessor controlled keyer that provides iambic key operation.

Everything you need to send great CW from this MFJ Curtis Keyer - easy access front panel controls, all keyer modes, dot-dash memories, jam-proof spacing, weight control, sidetone, built-in speaker and more. Speed, weight, tone and volume controls, and tune, semi-auto and on/off switches are on the front panel. A dual paddle key such as the MFJ-564, lets you use the iambic mode. In this mode, you can insert a dot before a dash finishes or insert a dash before a dot finishes. Also, squeezing both paddles generates alternating dots and dashes. This lets you send characters such as C, K and R with a single squeeze. It turns an inexperienced fist into a professional.


You can use the automatic mode with a single or dual paddle. You automatically generate dots and dashes by pressing the paddle.  You can switch into a semi-automatic "bug" mode to generate dots and dashes manually. Or you can use a "straight key" and manually generate your own dots and dashes. You get dot-dash memory, self-completing dots and dashes, jam-proof spacing and instant start keying.

Select Type A or Type B keying to match your sending style.

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Manufacturer MFJ
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