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Slimline econo keyer.

Tired of sending the same phrase on CW over and over? "QTH, name..." But you don't want to pay the price of a memory keyer, or they're too confusing to use. The MFJ Slimline keyers have the answer -- a Slimline keyer and an iambic paddle are your entry into real CW, at a price not much higher than a plain keyer, with enough memory to store the essential day-to-day messages.

Weight control lets you lengthen or shorten dots and dashes. It compensates your transmitter for a proper 1:3 ratio. Dot/dash lengths are adjustable for a distinctive "touch". Has Type A and B Keying too. The slimlines have MFJ's 500 character non-volatile MessageMemory. You can embed Message Loop, Extra Word Space, pause and serial number increments after each sending.

LED blinks during programming and blinks faster for low memory. SlimLine keyers have sidetone volume and tone control, and CW speed (5 to 65 wpm) and weight controls. Semi-auto lets you make dashes manually for "bug" operation. Use dual or single lever paddle. Positive and negative keying. 9V battery or 110VAC with MFJ-1312D.


MFJ-442, SlimLine Keyer and MFJ paddle combo. Front panel speed, volume controls.

MFJ-442X, Keyer only. 4x13/4x23/4 inches. Fits on your Bencher or MFJ-564B Iambic paddle.

MFJ-447, SlimLine Deluxe Keyer; front panel speed, weight, tone, volume controls and message, semi-auto, tune, power buttons. Jack for speaker/headphones, 61/4x13/4x5 inches.

MFJ-441, SlimLine Econo Keyer. Just 11/4 inches tall. Has volatile 89 character MessageMemory. Front panel speed/volume controls. 4x13/4x31/4 inches.

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