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High performance XV144 transverter Kit

Build from component level to finished transverter in approx 20 hours


High Performance

On receive, the XV144 combine a low receive noise figure (typically 0.8 dB) with a high dynamic range front end (+17 dBm mixer), ensuring exceptional weak-signal performance even in largesignal environments. On transmit, 20-25 watts output will drive most high power linear amplifiers. A sequenced keying output is provided for external amplifiers (when used with the K2) and a built-in 10-segment LED bar graph wattmeter provides fast power output monitoring. An optional crystal oven option enhances frequency stability.


Use with any HF rig

The XV144 transverter can be used with nearly any transceiver that covers the 28 to 30 MHz frequency range, including Elecraft's high-performance K2 and K2/100. Single-port and dual-port IF connections work with almost any transceiver interface. IF transmit levels from -20 dBm to +39 dBm (.01 mW to 8 W) can be accommodated, with a constant-impedance IF termination for top performance. Reliable overload detection is included at the IF port to protect the mixer. Multiple transverters can be daisy-chained to a single IF transceiver, providing multi-band operation without cable rearrangement. A brightly-illuminated label clearly identifies which transverter is selected. There is also an auxiliary BNC connector on the rear panel that can be wired for a RX-only path at the XV output for split TX/RX antenna paths.


Incredibly attractive and compact

The XV144 transverter is packaged in attractive, lowprofile enclosures measuring only 1.2" (3 cm) tall, with styling that matches the Elecraft K2. In addition to working with most HF rigs, the XV transverters can be integrated tightly with the K2, providing automatic XV band selection, programmable per band offsets, independent, calibrated display of each transverter's operating frequency to 10 Hz, and front-panel power level control.


Simple to build and repair

Like Elecraft's transceivers, the XV144 transverter is completely modular, simplifying construction and alignment. The professionally-written, fully-illustrated manual will appeal to experienced as well as first-time builders. The kits are easy to assemble, featuring our "no-wires" construction, and all surface-mount parts used in the kit (15 total) are preinstalled at the factory.


Comprehensive Assembly and User Manual

Our illustrated step-by-step assembly instructions include modular assembly and check out of each stage. Extensive theory of operation and troubleshooting sections are also provided.


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