MFJ-9015 - 15m, 5w, CW Transceiver

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MFJ-9015 - 15m, 5w, CW Transceiver is available to buy in increments of 1

Great sensitivity:

Excellent selectivity:

Smooth and Stable VFO:

True RIT: RIT control has center-detent

Easy on your ears: Smooth AGC tracks only the signals you want to hear

Built-in speaker: High efficiency 3" speaker driven by 100 mW of audio gives great volume.

Rugged transmitter: Motorola power amplifier transistor delivers full QRP output, tolerates opens and accidental shorts without damage.

Sidetone: Pure 700 Hz CW sidetone makes sending as much fun as receiving!

Semi-QSK: Set adjustable hold transmit/receive switching to suit your normal sending speed or set it to full QSK during contests.

Easy to Power: and 1.2 amp peak on transmit. Perfect for battery operation in remote locations!

Rugged construction: MFJ CW radios are built on G-10 double sided plate-through PC boards in our plant. Rugged all-metal cabinet with brushed aluminum front panel and vinyl clad cover.

15 Meter CW Transceiver

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Manufacturer MFJ
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