World Radio & TV Handbook 2016 edition

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World Radio & TV Handbook 2016 edition

This is the 70th edition of World Radio TV Handbook and this great directory continues to offer the most comprehensive guide to broadcasting on the planet. With the help of our international network of contributors we again provide the most up-to-date information on mediumwave, shortwave and FM broadcasts and broadcasters available in any publication.

“World Radio TV Handbook consistently sets the radio hobby standards. It remains the best, most authorative and comprehensive radio reference book in the world; one that should be in every hobbyist listening post or radio room. Quite simply, it is the ultimate guide - one not to be missed” – Gayle Van Horn, Monitoring Times

WRTH’s claim to be the World’s most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to broadcasting is indeed more than justified. At Radio Netherlands Worldwide, we couldn’t be without it. If you like listening to radio broadcasts from abroad, neither can you – Radio Netherlands Media Network review

First time readers, both myself and brother, were amazed at the wealth of knowledge and information in the WRTH – Chris Harwood, USA

WRTH 2016 will have:

Articles on topics of great interest to professionals, listeners and dxers alike including 70th anniversary articles on The History of WRTH and 70 years of Receivers. There are also articles on The Future of Shortwave, 95 years of UK MW & LW Broadcasting, Radio in Timor-Leste and A Guide to SDR.

Reviews of the latest receivers and equipment Maps fully updated showing global SW transmitter sites

z Features – Colour pages giving articles, radio reviews, propagation predictions, and colour maps

z National Radio – The world’s national radio services, and the broadcasters, listed by country z International Radio – Full broadcaster details and the winter SW frequencies as supplied by the broadcasters together with an expanded Clandestine section

z Frequency Lists MW frequency lists by region; international and domestic SW broadcasts by frequency; international broadcasts in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish by

UTC; DRM broadcasts z Television – Details of the broadcasters arranged alphabetically by country

z Reference – International and Domestic SW Transmitter sites, Standard Time and Frequency

Transmissions, DX Club information, Internet resources and other essential information

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