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Tablet App Interface

AR-DV1 TAI - Tablet App Interface for iOS and Android

Small size communication device with WIFI enabled Web API

  • This product is a WEB API operated single board computer device set-up to operate the AR-DV1 receiver in VFO mode.
  • Included are: RPI 3B+ with a case, AC adapter, SD card containing the special operating system, USB audio adapter, USB cable, user manual, Web API documentation. Source code available on Github.
  • Control the AR-DV1 and listen to the received audio, through your tablet's web browser.
  • The supplied web API allows web app developers to easily create a control app for AR-DV1 even if they are not familiar with the receiver's control commands.
  • Compatible with AR-DV1 firmware 1903A or later. 
  • Tested on iPad Safari, Amazon Silk and Android Chrome



- Casual AR-DV1 users who wish to conveniently operate the receiver in VFO mode and listen to the audio, from a tablet screen via a direct wifi connection. No home network or router required.

 - Advanced AR-DV1 users who wish to operate the receiver in VFO mode and listen to the audio, via a router wifi, and from the Internet. Requires knowledge on how to set up your router (port forwarding, static DHCP).

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