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4-Section Single Whip

These shock-cord whips are custom made by us to be extremely rugged yet light-weight. These are the same whips that we sell to our military customers who are using these in harsh conditions and need a reliable and quickly deployable solution.

Material selection is 7075 aluminum with all brass fittings.  Weight for each 3-section antenna is approximately 6 ozs.

One unique feature of these whips is the ability to add or remove sections to change the overall length of the antenna. With 3 sections the overall length is roughly equivalent to our current telescopic whips (64"). By adding a 4th section (see the drop down menu) the overall length is increased to 85". The maximum recommended number of sections for a horizontal dipole is 5 (106") and for a vertical antenna7 (148") sections.

The shock-cord that we have custom-made for us  is called "extreme shock-cord” and is designed to be used even in below freezing environments. It utilizes a double stitched cover over two extra stiff rubber cores.

This is the best shock-cord available for outdoor use in all conditions. The internal shock-cord is replaceable should the need ever arise.  Adjustments to the shock-cord length to accommodate additional whip sections are made at either end of the antenna via a small fitting.

These whips are meant for anyone who needs a more durable and/or quickly deployed antenna for use with the Buddipole, or as a replacement whip for any vertical antenna

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