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current balun

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B1-4K Ultra

Applications: Dipoles, trap dipoles, Inverted-V, Slopers, etc. Any application requiring a 50 ohm balun.

The B1-4K Ultra is similar to the B1-5K but with a much higher isolation factor. If you need maximum feedline isolation, the B1-4K Ultra is the choice. If you need 6 meter operation, then the B1-5K Plus is the best choice.

Just Another 'BIG' Balun?

The B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus's design makes them remarkably saturation resistant. This prevents signal distortion and potential RFI problems that plague common 'Voltage-type' baluns.

The B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus are a Current-type baluns and take abuse in stride. Even with power overload and load mismatch, they survive.

Current- baluns like the B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus provide better output balance and far better reactance characteristics than 'Voltage-baluns' that require a nearly perfect load.

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