OPTOLINX RS-232 interface - B Grade

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with software for CI-V + AOR - B Grade

OPTOLINX RS-232 interface - B Grade is available to buy in increments of 1

The OptoLinx Universal interface is a TTL to RS232 convertor with built-in two level data slicer circuit. The Optolinx adapts for use with a wide variety of radios, scanners, decoders, frequency counters, and frequency recorders.

The distinguishing feature of the OptoLinx is its unique ability to connect both half and full duplex devices and alternate them under software control. The advantage of full and half duplex interface is that it allows for multiple radio computer controlled scanning.

The OptoLinx is the only device made that has the capability for complete versatility, functionality and speed that no other interface can match.


* Computer Control AOR AR8000 using optional FFC cable
* Computer Control ICOM IC-R10, R7000, R7100, R8500, and R9000
* Interface M1, Scout and CD100 frequency counter for datalogging with OptoSuite Pro software
* Switch between full and half duplex receivers using remote software or dip switch
* Data Slicer Circuit-converts FSK data to RS232. Works with popular decoding PC software for ACARS, etc.
* Interface multiple radios in a star network configuration

Function: Universal Interface for ICOM R7000, R7100, R8500, R9000, R10, AOR AR8000, Optoelectronics Scout, M1 frequency counter, and CD100
Controls: Two position DIP switch for changing between Full and Half Duplex Modes
Inputs: Front: 2.5mm Scout Input, 3.5mm Aux Input, Three 3.5mm Half Duplex Inputs, Flat Flexible AR8000 Input, 3.5mm Full Duplex Input

Back: 9 Pin female serial interface, 3.5 mm center positive 9 VDC power connection
Power: 9-12 VDC power adapter supplied


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