MFJ-9232 - QRP Small Loop Tuner

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 Loop Antenna System

MFJ-9232 - QRP Small Loop Tuner is available to buy in increments of 1

Here's a great way to create a cost effective loop antenna system that can operate on the bands from 80m to 10m and handle up to 25W. The MFJ-9232 is at the heart of the system and all you need to do is add the wire loop and a coax lead back to the transceiver. It can be used indoors or outdoors. The wire for the loop needs to be at least 10 gauge but the easy way to achieve this is by using some thin coax cable and short the inner to the outer at both ends. Tuning is achieved by first adjusting for maximum receiver noise and then peaking for minimum VSWR. 

Below are the recommended lengths of wire for the bands of operations.

Two Bands + Length (feet) Length (metres)

40/30-M 20.0 6.96

30/20/17-M 9.0 2.75

20/15 -M 7.0 2.13

17/15/10-M 4.0 1.22

For Single Bands

80-M 63.0 19.20

40 -M 28.0 8.53

30-M 20.0 6.96

20-M 13.0 3.96

17-M 9.0 2.75

15-M 7.0 2.13

12-M 5.5 1.68

10 -M 4.0 1.22

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