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Black Box MKII VHF Air Traffic Monitor.

This is NOT an airband scanner!

This near field radio receiver is designed to receive all AM VHF transmissions within its range. Even if you have no idea what frequency your local air traffic's signals are being transmitted on this Black Box MkII will pick them up. Its perfect for air shows or at air ports as it instantly receives the strongest airband signals - no tuning necessary. The earpiece forms the antenna and the set includes a built in speaker. The squelch control will reduce the amount of background noise in between signals and a carefully designed multi staged filter is included to reduce interference from strong signals.

The Black Box MkII can be used inside aircraft cabins because the receiver doesn't use an internal oscillator so its classified in the same category as an MP3 player or transistor radio. You can hear the flight deck communications from the pilots in the cabin.


  • Full AM civil VHF airband coverage• Non radiating design, safe for use onboard a flight• New switched audio filter for reduced interference
  • Built-in speaker or earpiece function and squelch control• Includes earpiece and 12v car lead• Can be used with a PP3 9V battery (sold separately)
  • Frequency: 118-137MHz
  • Sensitivity: 2uV type
  • Scan: Instant
  • Power requirements: 9-13.8V
  • Audio: 1 Watt
  • Weight: 200g


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Manufacturer Watson
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