DD Amtek LNA-2000B

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Tuned low noise preamp, range 30-2000 MHz

The LNA-2000-B pre-amp is a great solution for those who are seeking big boosts in signal gain from their wide-band discone or single-band yagi (beam) antenna.

Note that in urban settings or in areas near transmission towers boosting the signal by 20db of gain will overpower the front end of most scanners. But in quieter areas the LNA-2000-B can provide excellent gain to pull in those hard to hear distant stations. (You can never guarantee how far you'll be able to hear -- that's dependent on dozens of factors that vary at each location.)

This is a new model of the wide band preamp. Powered via a feedthrough capacitor, i.e. via separate cable. (Not via coax cable). A separate power line (2 leads for power and ground) must be run to the pre-amp and is to supply 12 volts DC.

This is an improved model against vulnerability to possible damage problems due to supply peaks when supply voltage is turned on/off or from static electricity in the air.

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Manufacturer DD Amtek
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