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 Outdoor Low Noise Dual Band Amplifier 112-170 & 218-512 MHz

This LNA has been designed to improve weak signal reception on both VHF and UHF Air-bands. 

The bandpass filters are optimized for the best suppression of out-of-band signals and the lowest insertion loss and noise figure.
The current version of the LNA is also suitable for reception in the VHF Band 137 to 170 MHz.
The LNA uses weatherproof housing with metal baseplate and HD plastic cover that protects the
device against rain.

Supply of power is universal, ie two methods can be used. 1. Cable for DC voltage (thin coaxial cable is
recommended for adds to reliability) to SO239 connector on LNA baseplate, or 2. supply via RF coaxial
cable. Both methods are equivalent.
The LNA is protected against overvoltage and against voltage spikes resulting from static discharges during

LNA-DUAL-AIR-O has high linearity and high imd specs. High quality notch filters are used at the input which suppress
out-of-band signals. The problematic VHF FM broadcast band, which causes overloading of receivers due to strong
BC signals, is highly suppressed and therefore other filters are needed (such as HPN-30118).
This is probably the first pre-amplifier on the market for the lower VHF and upper UHF Air-bands and for the most
popular VHF band up to 170 MHz. It is great for radio amateurs as well as professionals.
LNA-DUAL-AIR-O is designed for receiving applications only.

The combination of LNA-DUAL-AIR-O and double discone antenna result in excellent active receive
system which has very few rivals.

  • Dual Band Low Noise Outdoor Amplifier 
  • Frequency ranges: 112 - 170 & 218 - 410 MHz (at -6dB) 
  • Gain 23 dB (typ.) 
  • Input / output impedance 50 Ohm
  • Input / output connectors: N 
  • Power supply voltage: 12 to 14V DC 
  • (max. Voltage limits 11 to 20Vdc) 
  • Supply voltage connector: SO239 
  • Current consumption 
  • : 60mA Noise figure: 3.0dB typ.

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Manufacturer DD Amtek
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