Elecraft KXIO2

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Real-time Clock and two programmable outputs for KX2

The KXIO2 provides a real-time clock and two programmable outputs that can be used for controlling external equipment such as an antenna switch.

These outputs are open drain and can handle up to 28V at 150 mA maximum. More information about these outputs is available in your KX2 Owner’s Manual under Menu Functions, AUX1 and AUX2   The real-time clock displays in the VFO B area of the KX2 LCD. The clock is powered by the internal battery or through the external power supply when used with the KX2. A supercapacitor maintains the clock timing for up to 2 hours after the battery or external power is removed, giving you time to recharge the battery without having to reset the clock.

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Manufacturer Elecraft
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