8 Piece Drum Microphone Set Heil HDK-8

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8 Piece Dynamic Cardioid Drum Microphone Set Including Carry Case For Studio Recording and Live Music Performance

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The ultimate Drum Microphone Bundle is here. Exactly the same as the fantastic HDK-7, but with an added PR-28 & HH-1 for your Tom drum. This set up could cover your entire kit in one purchase. Put the PR-48 on your Kick, PR-22s on your Snare and Hi-Hat, PR-28s on your 2 Rack Toms and Floor Tom, and PR30s over your cymbals. Sorted. Of course, everybody has unique drum set ups, but as far as microphone bundles go? You need not look any further.


The HDK-8 Drum Microphone Set is the only mic kit you need to record industry standard professional drums, and they sound incredible on stage too. Starting off with the PR-48 again, this microphone will never let you down. It sounds fantastic without even needing to be EQ'd and can handle anything you throw at it (unless you're somehow able to produce 150dB, in which case your ears would've already come off worse by that point)! For the professionals that appreciate guaranteed industry standard studio quality, we've swapped out the Handi Mics for 2 award winning PR22s for that beautiful Snare sound you want. Top & Bottom it, use one on Snare and the other on a Tom or Hi-Hat, it's up to you! These microphones will ensure attack, clarity and definition with no compromises. We swapped the remaining 2 Handi Mics for 3 of our PR-28s because where the Handi Mic has versatility, we already know you're going to use these on your Toms. Topped off with their matching HH-1 Mounts, your Toms will be in good hands with these attached to them.


Finishing up we have a pair of PR-30s (in black of course, to match the rest of the set). These have been thrown in for the sake of capturing your cymbals with the most accurate and concentrated quality from overhead microphones. They sound as clear and crisp as most ribbon microphones aim to, except these are as rugged as that old dynamic you've been mic'ing up your 4x12 guitar cab with on tour. So in short, there's no compromises! Use these on your cymbals on stage and you'll get the same clarity as you do in the studio. Simple.

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