Hy-Gain AV-6160 Self-Supporting Vertical Antenna

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Self-Supporting Vertical Antenna

This HyGain AV-6160 is a 43-foot self-supporting vertical antenna that covers 160 through 6 Meters with the use of an antenna tuner. 

It weighs just 20 lbs. and has a wind load of just 2 square feet. The antenna diameter is 2in OD at the bottom, 0.120" thick-walled tubing. It is nine sections including the stainless steel whip.

The top 9 foot section of this antenna consists of a 1/8in diameter solid stainless steel whip. This gives the AV-6160 the
lowest wind-loading and is the least visually impacting 43-foot vertical antenna on the market! The entire length of this
antenna radiates so you get great performance.

It’s great for stealth operation for those in antenna restricted housing developments -- this very inconspicuous antenna looks like a tall tree or flagpole! You can put a flag on top, hide it behind trees, fences, buildings, bushes, or easily tilt-over in the day time.

AV-6160 is so lightweight, it’s easy to put it up at night and take it down in the morning before the neighbors even know what is going on! Ground mounts to completely hide the antenna base.

It includes a legal limit balun at the base and is base fed. The AV-6160 provides outstanding low radiation performance on 17
meters and below, and very good performance on the higher bands.

It can be shortened for more effective low angle radiation on the higher bands if desired. Includes Hy-Gain’s ATB-65 Ground
Mount Base Kit.

The HyGain AV-6160 provides low SWR across the full 160-6 Meter frequency range with an antenna tuner.

Any external antenna tuner and many transceiver internal antenna tuners can easily match this antenna across the full frequency range.

When using good quality, low-loss coaxial cable, feedline losses due to SWR are negligible (typically less than 1/2-dB).

HyGain AV-6160 is also built-to-last. It uses incredibly strong 6063 corrosion resistant aircraft strength aluminum tubing and stainless steel hardware.

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