InnovAntennas 2 element 2m/144MHz LFA-Q Super-Gainer Quad Style Yagi

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A 2 element High Gain 144MHz LFA-Q Quad Style Yagi. Super compact boom!

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A 2 element LFA-Q (Super-rigid Quad-style) Super-Light Yagi for144-146MHz


The LFA-Q Packs a bigger punch than a traditional Yagi with MUCH MORE GAIN per metre of boom


If it is gain you want from a small boom, this is the antenna for you! Wow super tiny boom, just 14cms !!


Another impressive design from G0KSC, 'The Quad has beenInnovAted!' A Quad-style antenna with full wave length loop elements which provide a number of benefits. First, if the elements are of reasonable thickness (as ours are, they are not wire!) then good bandwidth coverage can be achieved. Next, up to around 7 elements (1.5wl) much better gain per metre of boom can be achieved than would otherwise be possible from a traditional Yagi covering the same bandwidth. Finally, with the dual-boom structure and 1/2'' diameter elements, the LFA-Q is extremely rigid and can stand up to some serious weather conditions!


IDEAL PORTABLE OR SOTA USE! BOOM IS JUST 14cms!! Now anyone can install a 2m Yagi !


Despite it's rigidity, the LFA-Q is extremely light weight and this means even in strong winds, snow and ice the LFA-Q will hold its own.


Our antennas are constructed with the best quality materials in order the best mechanical construction can be achieved, not the cheapest and most profitable! Even a digital caliper is used (with an accuracy of .01mm) to measure the elements during production to ensure they are within 0.2mm of what they should be, this ensures they work as well as our software model predicts.

  • Marine grade stainless steel fittings
  • Original Stauff Insulation clamps
  • Mill finished boom and elements for highest levels of accuracy




This is one tiny boom!


Gain: 6.74dBi @ 144.3MHz

F/B: 16.68dB @ 144.3MHz

Peak Gain: 6.87dBi

Gain 10m above ground: 12.61dBi

Peak F/B: 16.95dB

Power Rating: 5kw

SWR: Below 1.4.1 from 144MHz to 146MHz

Boom Length:  14cms 

Loop Height: 25cms

Weight: 0.4kg/1lb

Safe Wind Speed: 210Kph/130Mph

Turning Radius: 1m/3ft

Vertical Stacking: 2.2m



This antenna is made with a 1/2 inch (12.7mm) and 3/8 inch (9.525mm) diameter tube for the LFA-Q and the boom sections are 3/4'' 19mm diameter. This antenna is not made cheaply, it is made to perform and to do so for many years with Marine Grade Stainless Steel fixings.


No figures are made up here as they are in some Ham Radio adverts, all performance figures are verified in the very latest software simulation packages with some antennas being professionally confirmed on an antenna range.

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