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MFJ-897 is 8 3/4W x 4 1/2H x 13 1/2D inches

The MFJ-706/7000/897 is an Emergency Communications (EmComm) box that turns your ICOM IC-706, IC-7000 or Yaesu FT-897D into an instant and foolproof portable/mobile emergency communications center. It covers all HF, VHF and UHF amateur radio frequencies available on the IC-706/7000/FT-897D popular transceivers

It is literally a complete "grab-and-go" communications center that can provide a full 100 Watts SSB/CWsignal simply by

plugging into any available vehicle cigarette lighter socket or light-duty 10 to 15 Amp 12 VDC power supply

An MFJ exclusive PeakPowerBoost circuit delivers instantaneous SSB/CW power peaks using several Farads of super capacitance

A built-in, full range automatic antenna tuner turns any random wire or other antenna into a highly effective HF antenna. Simple foolproof automatic tuning is done with a single push of a button

A 3/8-24 antenna mount gives you the ability to screw on a loaded whip (such as a Hamstick) for long range HF communication or use a high-gain VHF/UHF antenna for local communications

The IC-706/7000/FT-897D control heads can easily be removed and placed in a convenient location while the larger MFJ

EmComm box can be placed in the trunk, or on the floor or backseat of your vehicle.

When you’re ready to move on, just grab the handle and go. Handle is positioned so the MFJ EmComm box is perfectly balanced for carrying. Tough front and back covers secure and fully protect all of the enclosed electronic gear

A convenient compartment stows your microphone and other small accessories so you are always ready for emergencies

The IC-706 and IC-7000 and FT-897D speakers are fully exposed so speech audio is always loud and clear

The transceiver is well ventilated to prevent overheating so you can provide continuous high-power communications

MFJ-706/7000 and FT-897D can be used horizontally or vertically

When a sudden emergency arises you literally can grab an entire communications center, rush to the site, and be in instant HF/VHF/UHF communication in minutes

Simple, reliable emergency communications can easily be provided by any untrained personnel

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