Mirage B-2518-R VHF REPEATER AMPLIFIER,10-12W IN-120W OUT,145-148 MHZ

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Mirage B-2518-R VHF REPEATER AMPLIFIER,10-12W IN-120W OUT,145-148 MHZ

11 models to choose from - continuous duty all mode FM/SSB/CW repeater amplifiers for 6, 2, 220 MHz, 450 MHz, and ATV service.

50, 144 and 220 MHz Models


Cool Running - A10” high by 19” wide full finned rack-mounted heatsink keeps the transistor temperatures low for long life.Chassis cover is perforated so air convection will keep the circuit board area cool.

Dual Protection - The amplifiers have two temperature sensors; one on the heatsink and one on the circuit board. If conditions cause either to overheat, the amplifier will shut off until it cools down to a safe temperature.

Bypass Mode - These models will feed the exciter output straight through to the antenna in an over-temperature condition.

The bypass mode can also be remotely selected by proper interfacing to the repeater controller. Either a relay contact or a TTLlogic can be used to select the bypass mode or amplified mode of operation.

Reduced Relay Wear - The amps have a selectable long release time (adjustable up to 5 seconds) for the RF change-over relay. This prevents unnecessary action during repeater operation.

On-site Control - The bypass mode and relay release time can be selected with built-in switches. The operational MIRAGE RC-1 remote control box can be used to switch these functions up to 18 feet away from the amplifier.

Warranty - Mirage repeater amplifiers are guaranteed for one year against failure due to defective workmanship or materials.

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