Palstar AT-4K 160m - 10 2.5kW PEP Manual Tuner

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Palstar AT-4K 160m - 10 2.5kW PEP Manual Tuner
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Palstar engineering at its best. This is a hunky antenna tuner that will handle a lot of power. But it is not only the power capability that will attract you. Everything is designed to handle high currents and voltages, and this means very low loss. So there is a case for buying this grade of antenna tuner because of its very low loss. And there is not likely to be any antenna that this matcher cannot handle.


Specifications :- 

  • Output Power - 2500w single tone continuous
  • HF Bands - 160m to 10m (assuming resistive load)
  • Tuning - Three controls
  • Antenna switching - 10 Amp RF 6 position mode switch for multiple antennas
  • Capacitor - low minimum custom variable capacitor; 460pF@6 kV
  • Roller inductor - 10A silver-plated inductor wheel shaft and contact wheel on ceramic body
  • Impedance - Matching range 20 Ohms to 1500 Ohms
  • Metering - Active crossneedle Peak/Peak Hold with backlighting
  • Meter power range - 0-300 Watts/0-3000 Watts
  • Balun - Ferrite 1:1 inpupt balun
  • Output - Unbalanced/Balanced activated by front panel switch
  • Chassis - .090 ga. aluminium gold iridite coated
  • Top cover - .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
  • Front cover - .090 ga. aluminium powder coated
  • Dimensions - 15 1/8" wide x 7 5/8" high x 19" deep
  • Shipping weight - 20 lbs
  •  Warranty - One year

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manufacturer Palstar

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