Radio Works CW-COMPACT-160

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160 Carolina Windom 160-6m inc WARC bands 134 feet long (40.5m)1500W


Carolina Windom 160-6m inc WARC bands 134 feet long (40.5m)1500W cw/ssb


  • Freq. coverage: 160 - 6 meters
  • Radiator length: Horiz. = 134' + Vertical = 22' Fold-back element 18' drop
  • Polarization: Both vertical and horizontal components
  • Feed line: 50 ohm Coaxial cable
  • Tuner needed: Yes
  • Power Rating: 1500 Watts
  • ** Recommended Height: > 35' - Usable at 30'

Radials- Not required Outstanding on all bands covered Great WARC band performance An antenna that does it all Easily beats G5RV, dipoles, trap antennas Special Matching Transformer Enhanced, low angle, Vertical Radiator High efficiency - no ground losses Ground independent - radials not needed

The performance secret is the inverted VERTICAL RADIATOR The reduced size secret is the CAROLINA WINDOM's critical fold-back geometry Matching Unit enhances vertical radiation Automatic tuners in most current rigs will tune this antenna. * Based on user reports, field evaluations, and product reviews. Gain is due primarily to the low angle radiation pattern.** 80 - 10 meters: 1500 watts CW/SSB duty-cycles. 6 m: 200 watts CW/SSB duty-cycles.PKS-31 operation at the 100 watts is OK. IMD is minimal at this level.This antenna is not rated for AM, RTTY and other high duty-cycle modes.

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