Ramsey SG-7 Speed Radar Kit

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Speed Radar Kit with direct readout in MPH, KPH, or FPS

Here's a kit that's not only tons of fun for everyone, but useful too! This low cost microwave radar uses the same principle found in police units costing thousands more. You'll turn heads when you clock cars, planes, runners, boats, horses, bikes, races or virtually anything that moves. Speed readout is on two LED displays which can be set accurately (better than 1%) to show MPH, kilometers-per-hour, or even feet-per-second. An ear phone output allows you to actually hear the Doppler frequency shift of moving objects- the theory upon which all radars operate. Uses two 13 oz. coffee or juice cans for antenna (not included)... so start drinking! Antenna unit can be remoted up to 300 feet away. The SG-7 is easy and informative to build. Our detailed manual not only carefully guides you to a finished unit, but tells you the hows and whys on how radar works. Even though the kit employs microwave circuitry, no exotic tuning is needed. All critical sections are PCB stripline and calibration is as easy as pointing the SG-7 at a fluorescent lamp! Your Speedy kit includes a deluxe black ABS plastic case with SPEEDY graphics for a neat professional look. Operates on 12 VDC. Electronics case: 3 5/8" x 5 3/4" x 11/8".

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Manufacturer Ramsey
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