Kinetics SBS-3 SDR Receiver and Decoder

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Multi-Device - Multi-Band - Multi Channel Software Defined Radio Receiver / Decoder.
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Kinectics SBS-3 ADS-B / UAT / AIS / Marine band / Air bands (VHF and UHF) Capable
Multi-Device - Multi-Band - Multi Channel Software Defined Radio Receiver / Decoder.

A unique and revolutionary product, built on the heritage of the SBS-1 range of receivers.

The SBS3 is a true stand-alone SDR receiver, unlike the majority of so-called SDR receivers on the market, which are, in reality, just digital tuners!

The SBS3 performs all demodulation and decoding operations internally, without the need for any third-party software or any other PC software , enabling genuine stand-alone operation. This unique design means that numerous audio/data streams can be monitored simultaneously and remotely.

The SBS-3 works as either a Client or a Server which enables you to either connect to it, or it can connect to a designated server over the local network or indeed the internet, for true stand-alone use.

The SBS-3 is powered via the USB connector, either by a PC, a standard USB Hub or an in-car charger outlet.

The SBS-3 is a flexible design with a phenomenally large FPGA, allowing for future additional on-board decoders for formats such as ACARS, POCSAG and many others.

The SBS-3 is a revolutionary hardware product that combines with the included display software and allows aviation, marine professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, the ability to monitor the skies and seas in an unprecedented fashion.

It provides a true Real-Time Virtual Radar display on a PC or MAC screen showing Mode-S/ADS-B equipped aircraft and AIS equipped vessels immediately around them

The SBS-3 follows on from the very successful SBS-1, SBS-1 Mk2, SBS-1e and SBS-1eR and it adds the new features of SDR AM/FM receiver covering a wide range of frequencies including the VHF and UHF Air bands, the VHF Marine band and the broadcast FM band.

The SBS-3 has been designed to protect your investment for the years to come and is backed by Kinetic's traditonal commitment to never charging for firmware updates.

The NEW SBS-3 features include an improved design 1090Mhz Mode-S , ADS-B receiver.

  • Dual independent 27 - 980 Mhz SDR Tuners with 8Mhz Bandwidth per tuner.
  • Listen to multiple stations at the same time.
  • Listen to VHF on one tuner, UHF on the other and digitally mix the two together.
  • Full speed 100M Ethernet interface with concurrent multiple sockets.
  • On board digital audio mixing plus stereo output DAC and audio interface.
  • Audio output over Ethernet
  • Raw Data output for Mode-S, AIS, and all other demodulations such as ACARS.
  • Onboard processing and demodulation - NO PC REQUIRED.
  • Ideal for remote site monitoring
  • I2C Options interface for external controllers and peripherals.

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