AOR ARD-9800

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Convert your analogue voice transceiver to digital transmission

This is the only approved system at present to convert your analogue voice transceiver to digital transmission. No modifications are necessary, it's all in one box and very easily plugs into your transceiver. It works on SSB and automatically detects the signal as either analogue or digital and switches to the appropriate mode. A built-in vocoder (AMBE) delivers high-grade digital voice compression. High speed (3600bps) data communication is also possible on the HF bands. Additionally there is a built-in video capture function (at present only NTSC). This compresses the signal into AOR's original adaptive JPEG, thus enabling you to send and receive images (similar to analogue slow scan TV, but faster). A built-in video output connector (NTSC) allows viewing the picture on an external monitor. (Note digital mode will only work with other stations using the same digital system).


  • OFCOM approved for use by UK Radio
  • Amateurs from 19 January 2004
  • Digital Voice communication
  • Open published digital protocol (G4GUO)
  • Uses same spectrum as conventional SSB
  • Hand microphone provided
  • Automatic mode recognition
  • Built-in high grade VOCODER
  • Modulation method: OFDM
  • Bandwidth: 300 - 2500Hz, 36 carriers
  • Symbol rate 20ms (50 baud)
  • Guard rate 4ms
  • Tone steps 62.5Hz
  • Modulation method DQPSK (3.6k)
  • AFC = 125Hz
  • Digital voice AMBE2020 coder, decoder
  • Automatic detection between modes
  • Connectors Mic, Speaker, Video IN/OUT
  • Video compression AOR adaptive JPEG
  • Video NTSC input/output
  • Power 10-16V DC 200mA (6V possible)
  • Serial port RS-232C, 9600bps
  • Size 100 x 32 x 158m


ARD-9000 - Cut-down version of ARD-9800.

ARD-9900 not approved for use in UK.

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