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AOR has released a new mobile/base station called the AR-8600MkII which has been upgraded and enhanced in several areas


If you are looking for a wide band receiver that covers all the popular modes, but is not too expensive, then take a closer look at what this radio has ro offer. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, this receiver hasa lot to offer.

The AR8600 Mark2 is an amazingly versatile receiver which can be used mobile, base or trans-portable... powered from an external 12V d.c. power supply, 12V vehicle or from an optional internally fitted NiCad battery pack. Due to continuous development of our products, the AR8600 Mark2 has been enhanced in several areas. The upper frequency range has been extended to 3000MHz (3.0GHz), lower band sensitivity has been increased (now officially covering to 100kHz) with an enhancement to short wave performance by the addition of further bandpass filters and selection of alternative I.F. filters. Mini-Circuits RMS1 / RMS2 mixers have been employed with active SPM aerial switching devices

A wide frequency coverage is provided from 100 kHz to 3000 MHz (no gaps).
All mode receive: WFM, NFM, SFM (Super Narrow FM), WAM, AM, NAM

(Wide, standard, Narrow AM), USB, LSB & CW. A 3.0 kHz SSB filter is employed with true carrier re-insertion resulting in non-offset frequency readout for easy tuning of SSB transmissions.
Optional substitute SSB and AM Collins mechanical filters are also available. An attenuator and noise limiter are also featured.

A meaningful band plan is factory programmed specific to market area, this ensures that the AR8600 Mark2 automatically selects the correct receive mode and tuning step (although mode and tuning step may be manually selected at any time), the band plan may be edited via computer control.

A group of four front panel navigational keys provide a natural and intuitive path through the on-screen menus. Tuning is primarily accomplished via the main tuning dial, arrow keys and keypad. The back-lit LCD with contrast control provides operational data with the ability to add 12 character text comments to each memory channel, memory bank and search bank, a text search feature simplifies identification and recall of stored information.

Many text prompts aid operation making programming of search banks etc straight forward. Two frequencies may be displayed along with operating legends and high resolution signal meter and multi-function band scope. The band scope provides adjustable span width from 10 MHz to 100 kHz , you can move the marker, operate peak hold, transfer the marker frequency to VFO and save trace for later recall.

Flexible dynamic memory bank layout is provided (memory banks may be varied in size between 10 and 90 channels each i.e. bank ‘A’ 80 channels / bank ‘a’ 20 channels with bank ‘B’ 40 channels / bank ‘b’ 60 channels etc). A total of 1,000 memories are provided in 20 memory banks, lockout, select scan, priority and auto store are also provided. In addition 40 search banks are provided with 50 pass channels per search bank and a further 50 for VFO search lockout. Comprehensive edit, move, swap and delete facilities are provided, it is possible to move whole memory & search banks. In addition you may write PROTECT memories, banks and search banks to prevent accidental over-writing of stored data including protection of the entire receiver! Scan & search rates provide a maximum of approximately 37 increments per second. Flash- ROM memory storage ensures that data is automatically saved without the need for a backup battery or capacitor.

Computer control is available via a standard 9-pin RS232 D-type connector on the rear chassis, just a standard RS232 cable is required for connection to a PC, the extensive RS232 command list is printed in the operating manual. A FREE software package is available as a download from the AOR web sites, this provides frequency control & management, searching, scanning, logging with support for geographic data from a GPS and audio recording to disk.

In addition, 'optional internal SLOT CARDS' (which fit into the rear chassis of the AR8600 Mark2) extend the capabilities even further, five cards may be fitted with two operational simultaneously lMemory slot card (increase storage to 4,000 memories, 160 search banks). lCTCSS slot card squelch & search. lRecord chip slot card (records up to 20 seconds of audio) with 'continuous loop' capability. lTone eliminator slot card. lVoice inverter card. The slot cards are common to the AR8600, AR8600 Mark2, AR8200 and AR8200 Series-2.

Portable operation is a reality, when the optional BP8600 battery is fitted, several hours operation is provided away from the base or vehicle power supplies.
(Note, considering the BP8600, a 15V regulated d.c. supply is recommended for charging purposes so that the battery obtains a full charge, full charging time 48 hours. This may also be used as a power supply).

Supplied with: Swivel base telescopic whip aerial, MW bar, comprehensive illustrated operating manual with RS232 listing, a.c. power supply specific to the market area (free PC software is available from the AOR web sites). The availability of standard accessories and options may vary depending upon market area. 





  • All mode: WFM, NFM, SFM, WAM, AM, NAM, USB, LSB, CW
  • Frequency range: 100kHz - 3000MHz
  • 100 - 530kHz (not guaranteed)
  • Search banks: 40 * Pass frequency: 2,000 (40 banks x 50)
  • Airband 8.33kHz channel spacing
  • Five optional slot card sockets
  • Power :10.8-16 DC (PSU optional
  • BNC antenna socket
  • Tuning steps in multiples of 50Hz
  • Scan/Search rate: Approx. 37ch/sec max.
  • Two VFOs A / B * Memories 1,000 (20 banks x 50 channels)
  • RS232 PC interface fitted as standard
  • 10.7MHz IF output port for SDU5500
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