Tecsun PL-330 Portable LW/MW/SW/FM Radio

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Portable World band radio with DSP and SSB reception

Tecsun PL-330 Portable LW/MW/SW/FM Radio is available to buy in increments of 1

Tecsun PL-330 Portable World band radio with DSP and SSB reception

Covers FM Stereo LW/MW/SW SSB DSP


  • Easy operation
  • Receives FM stereo, medium wave, long wave, short wave, single sideband (SSB)
  • Uses modern DSP digital demodulation technology to improve listening sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio and anti-interference ability
  • FM reception range 64-108MHz, suitable for global FM broadcast reception
  • Short wave single sideband (SSB) minimum step 10Hz, upper sideband (USB) and lower sideband (LSB) are received independently
  • Apply synchronous detection technology to suppress adjacent channel interference
  • Seven ways to select channels: convenient tuning (ETM), automatic search and browse radio frequency, automatic search and browse stored stations
  • Manual search for station frequencies (VF), manual search for stored stations (VM), direct input of frequency numbers, direct input of Store station address number
  • Easy Tuning (ETM) has a radio frequency schedule function, making tuning more convenient and faster
  • Stores up to 650 frequencies manually, semi-automatically, and fully automatic (ATS), of which 100 for FM/long wave, 150 for medium wave, and 300 for short wave
  • Multi-function display: It can display the working status of radio frequency, electric field intensity, signal-to-noise ratio, battery capacity, etc.
  • High-quality and high-sensitivity speakers, beautiful sound, use headphones to listen to FM stereo broadcasting
  • With broadcast timing automatic power-on function
  • Very user-friendly power switch function: you can set the automatic shutdown after 1-120 minutes after booting, or cancel the automatic shutdown function
  • With shortwave/FM external antenna jack
  • Lithium battery power supply, USB power supply or charging can also be used
  • Physical size: 139 x 85 x 26 mm (wxhxd)

Frequency Range & Tuning Step:

  • LW: 153-513kHz (9kHz step, fine-tune step1kHz)
  • MW: 520-1710kHz [10kHz step, 1kHz fine-tuning step (for America)]
    * 522-1620kHz [9kHz step, 1kHz fine-tuning step (for Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania)]
    - SW1: 1711-29999kHz (5kHz step, 1kHz fine-tuning step)
    Attention: When the above band is received in SSB mode, step 1kHz, fine-tune step 10Hz
    - FM:
    * 64-108MHz: Applicable to Russia, Caucasus and part of the Caspian Sea and Black Sea regions
    * 76-108MHz: applicable to Japan
    * 87-108MHz: applicable to China and some European countries
    * 88-108MHz: Applicable to some countries such as Europe and Australia
    Attention: The frequency step of FM is 100kHz, and the fine-tune step is 10kHz
  • Noise limit sensitivity:
  • Long wave (S/N=26dB): <10mV/m
  • Medium wave (S/N=26dB): <1mV/m
  • Shortwave (S/N=26dB): <20μV Frequency modulation (S/N=30dB): <3μV
  • Selectivity:
  • Long wave: >60dB
  • Medium wave: >60dB
  • Shortwave: >60dB
  • Frequency modulation: >60dB
  • Synchronous detection frequency lock range: ±1kHz
  • Intermediate frequency (DSP): amplitude modulation 45kHz; frequency modulation 128KHz
  • FM stereo separation: ≥35dB
  • Maximum output power: about 200mW
  • Quiescent current:
  • Long wave/medium wave/frequency modulation: <25mA
  • Shortwave: <45mA
  • Shutdown current: <90μA
  • Speaker: 8Ω, 0.25W
  • Stereo headphone impedance: 32-150
  • Power supply:
    3.7V (1 BL-5C lithium battery)
    External DC power supply Micro USB 5V current ≥500mA
  • Charger/power adapter: USB DC 5V current ≥500mA (purchase separately)
  • Stored frequency memories:
    Long wave: 100
    Medium Wave: 150
    Shortwave: 300
    FM: 100
  • Size: 139×85×26(mm)
  • Weight: about 210g (without lithium battery)
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