Yaesu SP-9000 External Desktop speaker

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Yaesu External Desktop Speaker With Dual Speakers And Audio Filter
The SP-9000 features two 100mm speakers, offering independent audio paths for the Main and Sub VFO audio output, while the right speaker yields Sub VFO audio. A front panel switch also allows you to combine the audio signals from both receivers for mixed distribution from the two combined speakers. This products an effective aperture of 200mm for outstanding tonal quality. Twin headphone jacks are provided on the front panel of the SP-9000, providing monitoring of both VFOs A and B. The audio filters provide three steps of high-cut (2400/1000/700 Hz) and two steps of low-cut filtering (500/300 Hz). Each audio path (Main/Sub) may be independently filtered, allowing you to experiment with optimum settings in a "diversity" dual reception filtering mode. The unit also features individual mute switches for dual receive operation.
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Manufacturer Yaesu
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