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2.4GHz down converter 2m IF


The UEK-3000 is a new 2.4GHz.Mode "S" downconverter from SSB Electronic.  The UEK-3000 is available in either a 144MHz. or a 432MHz. IF in order to meet the operating demands of all satellite operators.  Based upon our world class UEK-2000SAT downconverter, the UEK-3000 offers an even lower noise figure of <0.7dB and 30dB of conversion gain. There is absolutely no need to run a preamplifier with this downconverter.


  • Mast-mounted - weatherproof housing with a
  • RF tight tin plated box mounted inside.
  • RF: 2400 - 2450MHz.
  • NF <0.7dB     30dB Conversion Gain
  • 13.8VDC operation
  • Voltage feed via the coax or via a separate feed
  • Latest microwave SMD construction:
  • Two stage preamplifier with helical resonators
  • Low noise PHemt front end with 2nd stage GaAsFET
  • High Dynamic Range - Schottky Double Balanced Mixer (DBM)
  • Built-in post amplifier
  • Built on low loss ceramic microwave material
  • Type - N female connectors
  • UEK-3000-144 2 meter IF
  • UEK-3000-432 70cm IF
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