SteppIR DB18 40m-6m Yagi ( requires 6m option for 6m coverage)

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40m-6m Yagi antenna uses loop elements for 30 and 40M performance

6m coverage requires optional passive element

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DB18 Yagi antenna uses loop elements for 30 and 40M performance.  The DB18 and DB18E are the most popular antennas in the DB line, due to their performance vs. size profile.  The loop elements used for 40 and 30m are 40% shorter than a full size element would be, with very little sacrifice in performance (-0.4dB).

The DB18 uses an integral coax switch to select which one of the three elements are driven to give equal performance in forward and reverse directions. The control of the Antenna and Coax switch is integrated into the SDA100 controller (standard on DB18) for effortless tuning.

The only difference between the DB18 and the DB18E is on 30m – the DB18 has two elements on 30m, making it a wide spaced high gain dipole with very little front to rear.  The DB18E has 3 elements on 30m, making it an optimally spaced Yagi with solid gain and excellent front-to-rear ratios.

Specification DB18 DB18 w/6m option
Boom Length 19 ft / 5.79 sq m same
Boom Diameter 1.75 in – 2.0 in
4.45 cm – 5.08 cm
Longest Element 39 ft / 11.9 m same
Turning Radius 21.58 ft / 6.57 m same
Weight 96 lb / 43.5 kg 97.75 lb / 44.35 kg
Mast clamps
1.75 in - 3.0 in
4.45 cm – 7.6 cm
Wind Load
18.02 sq ft
21.62 sq ft (Rev F & G)
12.01 sq ft (Rev C)
18.36 sq ft
22.03 sq ft (Rev F & G)
12.24 sq ft (Rev C)
Wind rating 100 MPH (EIA-222-C) same
Adjustable elements 3 same
Power Rating 3 KW same
Feed points 3 same
Frequency coverage 6.8 – 54 MHz same
Tuning Rate 1.3 ft per sec same
Control Cable 16 wire 22 AWG shielded same


Performance for Ham Bands DB18 Gain DBi DB18 Front to Rear, DB
40M 6.2 20
30M 5.4 0
20M 7.4 25
17M 8.3 25
15M 8.5 20
12M 8.8 15
10M 9.0 11
6M - 3 elements 6.2 4
6M – w/ opt. passive
element 50.000 - 50.350 MHz
10.1 30

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