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Vectronic's tunable super DSP filter automatically eliminates hetero-dynes, reduces noise and interference simultaneously on SSB, AM, CW, packet, AMTOR, PACTOR, RTTY, SSTV, WeFAX, FAX, weak signal VHF, EME, satellite nearly any mode.

You get Vectronic's tunable FIR linear phase filters that minimize ringing, prevent data errors and have "brick wall" filter response with up to 57 dB attenuation 75 Hz away.

Only Vectronic's gives you 5 tunable DSP filters. You can tune each low-pass, highpass, notoch, and bandpass filter including optimized SSB and CW filters. You can vary the bandwidth to pinpoint and eliminate interference.

Only Vectronic's gives you 5 factory pre-set filters and 10 programmable pre-set filters that you can customize. Remove QRM with the turn of a switch!

You get Vectronic's automatic notch filter that searches for and eliminates multiple heterodynes.

You also get Vectronic's advanced adaptive noise reduction. Silences background noise and QRN so much that SSB signals sound like local FM.

The automatic notch and adaptive noise reduction can be used with all relevant tunable pre-set filters.

Automatic gain control (AGC_ keeps audio level constant during signal fade.

15 pre-set filters factory set or program.

Select from 15 pre-set filters. SSB, AM, CW, packet, AMTOR, PACT-OR, RTTY, SSTV, WeFAX, FAX or any mode.

If you don't like our pre-set filters you can program your own a Vectronic's exclusive! Save center frequency/bandwidth, low pass/ high pass cutoffs, auto/manual notch, noise reduction all filter settings in 10 programmable filters.

Vectronic's gives both tunable filters to eliminate QRM and convenient pre-set filters customized for any mode.

A push-button bypasses your filter lets you hear the entire unfiltered signal.

2 1/2 Watt amplifier, volume control, input level control, speaker jack, PTT sense line, line level output.

Plugs between your transceiver or receiver and external speaker or headphones. Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC.

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Manufacturer Vectronics
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