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iBox Audio Interface.

W2IHY Technologies designed iBox at the request of amateurs using studio audio equipment and needing a more versatile way to Level Match, RF Isolate, Audio Isolate, Impedance Match and PTT Control. iBox gives you a professionally built solution that doesn't waste your time or your money. Building iBox for hams means building it for the sometimes "hot" RF conditions found in ham shacks. With extensive RFI rejection circuitry on both the input and the output, iBox means business. iBox will keep your audio clean in RF fields that clobber unprotected transformers and interface boxes from competitors. The continuously variable audio attenuator makes iBox ideal for use between audio components and/or as the final interface to your radio equipment. Optimize line level signals instantly. Adjust mic level signals for perfect drive to your radio's mic circuit, whether Low-Z or Hi-Z. 


  • Use iBox to interface external audio devices to your radio equipment. Wideband frequency throughput.
  • Modern and classic transmitters supported.
  • iBox is the solution for component-to-component interfacing within the audio chain.
  • Adjust the continuously-variable attenuator to achieve precise audio level match for sweet sound.
  • Isolate your audio from hum caused by ground loops/stray fields.
  • Isolate your audio from RF with effective RFI protection on both the input and output.
  • Achieve optimum impedance match. Low-Z to Low-Z or Low-Z to Hi-Z.
  • Interface any combination of balanced and unbalanced audio gear.
  • Extensive input and output cable wiring options give you incredible versatility in real-world applications.
  • Optional custom-made cables available for your specific requirements.
  • Convenient PTT jack.
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Manufacturer W2IHY
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