Watson M0CVO CV-2-SO

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Duplexer for the 2m and 70cm bands.


VHF Duplexer

This is a duplexer for the 2m and 70cm bands.
A single input means that there is no need for antenna switches at the radio end of the coax and it can be mast mounted to provide a feedpoint for two individual, mono-band antennas.
This is ideal for satellite operations where cross band working is essential.

Not only for satellites though - these are suitable anywhere when separate antennas used for 2m and 70cm from a single RF input.

Many modern radios provide multiband operation from 1.8MHz to 70cm, but only provide one socket for an HF antenna and one for VHF (6m/2m/70cm).
Use of the CV-2 Duplexer here means there is no longer any need to employ an antenna switch or exchange coax whenever you change the band.

Insertion losses are less than 0.2dB and your antenna matching will be unaffected.

To use this unit, connect the single source (dual band transceiver) to the single socket.
On the other side, there are two sockets - one for 70cm and one for 2m. Connect your antennas here.

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