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10W QRP SDR Transceiver HF+6m

C-Grade - Shipped to mainland UK ONLY

XIEGU X6100 - C-Grade is available to buy in increments of 1

XIEGU X-6100

C-Grade - Ex Demonstation Model

The Xiegu X6100 is a new portable HF plus 6m transceiver.

It is an SDR software radio with a host of features. Its compact structure and small size makes it ideal for outdoor and portable use.


  • SDR Structure
  • HF/50MHz Full Mode (supporting data communication)
  • Transmitting Power: External power supply: 10W | Battery power supply: 5W
  • 4" High-resolution Colour Screen, 800*480
  • Built-in 3000mAh Lithium Battery
  • Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner
  • Integrated SWR Scanner and Voice Call
  • Integrated Modem, Pre-set message, CW Automatic Call
  • Built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi function, enable wireless audio/keyboard/mouse operation
  • Integrated USB control/transmission, supports USB HOST
  • Built-in high-stability TCXO internal clock source

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range (Receiving): 0.5MHz~30MHz, 50MHz~54MHz
  • Frequency Range (Transmitting): 1.8~2.0MHz | 3.5~4.0MHz | 5.3515~5.3665MHz | 7.0~7.3MHz | 10.1~10.15MHz | 14.0~14.35MHz | 18.068~18.168MHz | 21.0~21.45MHz | 24.89~24.99MHz | 28.0~29.7MHz | 50.00~53.99MHz
  • Operation Mode: USB/LSB (J3E), CW (A1A), FM (F3E), RTTY(F1B), AM (A3E)
  • Minimum Frequency Step: 10Hz
  • External Power Supply Voltage: DC 9.0V~15.0V, negative ground
  • Frequency Stability: ±1ppm (20 minutes after start)
  • Antenna Port Impedance: 50Ω
  • Antenna Interface Type: BNC
  • Operating Temperature: 0℃~+55℃
  • Transmission power: External power supply: 10W | Battery power supply: 5W
  • Current consumption: Standby: 330mA (Max) | Transmit: 3A (Max)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 180mm x 86mm x 49mm

Transmitter Specifications:

  • Output Power, internal battery: 5W
  • Output Power, external power supply: 10W
  • Stray suppression ≥ 60dB
  • Sideband suppression: ≥50dB
  • SSB Frequency Response: 300-2700Hz (-6dB)
  • FM Modulation Swing; +/- 5kHz
  • Mic Impedance: o,2-10k (600 Ohm typical)
  • Antenna tuner tuning impedance range: 12.5-200 Ohm
  • Antenna tuner initial tuning time: ≥ 10s
  • Antenna tuner memory recall time ≥ 0.1s

Receiver Specifications:

  • Circuit Type: ZIF
  • Sideband Suppression: ≥50dB
  • MDS: -138dB
  • 0.5~1.79999MHz: 10uV (AM)
  • 1.8~1.99999MHz: 0.35uV (SSB/CW) | 10uV (AM)
  • 2.0~27.9999MHz: 0.20uV (SSB/CW) | 2uV (AM)
  • 28.0~30.0MHz: 0.20uV (SSB/CW) | 0.22uV (FM) | 2uV (AM)
  • 50.0 ~ 54.0MHz: 0.20uV (SSB/CW) | 0.22uV (FM) | 2uV (AM)

Antenna Specifications:

  • Antenna Tuner
  • VSWR: 1:5.0
  • Antenna tuner initial tuning time: ≤15s
  • Antenna tuner tuning read time: ≤0.2s
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