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Yagi Balun

Y1-5K Plus

This precision built, high performance Yagi Balun is ideal for use with all directly fed Yagi antennas (but not those that already have balun or Gamma matches).

Installation of the balun can improve front-to-back ratio and improve directional pattern. Remember, if your feed line radiates, your front-to-back ratio will not be optimum. The output lead lengths are 229mm (9in.) long from winding, so bear this in mind if this length becomes a significant portion of the total element length. Installation of a balun will result in a small lowering of frequency, but is only likely to be noticeable on 10MHz and 12MHz where bandwidths are wide anyway.

It can also be used in line with G5RV's and half sized G5RV's.The original Radio Works G5RV Plus was shipped with this balun. Will improve any G5RV which does not have a balun. It ideally matches 1:1 from the slotted feeder to 50 Ohm coax, also reduces any RF that has a tendency to travel on the outer braid of the coax to the rig..

  • Current type
  • Ratio 1:1
  • 50 Ohms
  • Frequency. 1.8 - 54MHz
  • Pwr. 5kW (1:3 swr)
  • Socket SO-239
  • Wire connectors
  • Size 59 x 203mm


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Manufacturer Radio Works
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